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generally neurotic, overworked, or underfed; and in such persons the
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points it spreads along the whole area of the distribution of the main
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basophilic (blue) granules that completely fill the cells.
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knowledge of the disease — examples have been reported by Thibierge,
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to carry out the electrical treatment. It is far more difficult to get elec-
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(d) The use of cold reagents. The test works best at 37°
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for group A serum, except that account must be taken
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(1) If it is difficult to distinguish between true agglutination
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referee for another office — the United Economists. Your
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threads and granules within the cell. Unless the prepa-
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"Pshaw ! pshaw ! madam, that was last Tuesday. This
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Angioma. — General remarks. — Vascular growths of the skin present
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the errors arising from insane and mystic interpretation, and from actual
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children in arms. In the imperfectly washed, a trail of dirt marks the
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majority, like E. exudativum multiforme, are symptomatic of all sorts of
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indeed, the term " partial insanity " is still sometimes applied, chiefly by
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on the skin — bandages, clothing, etc. — should be watched, and at once
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he had a spice of the blacke or yellow jaundies ; he is leane,
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(c) Thromboplastin. This is made from rabbit brain and
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in narrow or winding lanes, or in broad thoroughfares full of traffic,
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de sensibilite chez les mel," Gaz. hebd. de inM. Paris, 1897, U.S. ii. p. 78. — 5. Dumas,
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relatively more common than in other forms of insanity. The illusions
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13. Parsons. Dublin Journ. of Med. Sc. 1894, p. 201. — 14. Remond. Gaz. des hoy.
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pronounced premonitory cerebral symptoms than occur in tetany, among
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In severer cases (I. nitida) the scales are not so limited, but form
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lishmen could have been found in the first year of George I.
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thickening of the skin, which is dry and harsh to the touch, and thickly
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step. He, too, had a spice of that enthusiasm which dis-
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Tylosis is usually painless, and may give rise to little inconvenience,
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intermission, the rate of work done is at its maximum; hence this
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body, but there are certain regions in which its presence is most frequent.
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from habitual drunkenness by being deprived of the opportunity of
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at any rate the neurosis is very prominent, and the more immediate
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Local treatment is, however, of considerable importance. In an early
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persons killed to the lunatics who took their life.
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could affiance himself at twelve, and marry at fourteen years
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Until comparatively recently the view was generally held that there
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simultaneously in different parts — as, for instance, on two limbs — *-
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