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Mercer's Hospital, William Street, TtuBhit^.— Physicians—


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of patients with suppurating wounds, the air was perfectly sweet. This

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Comparative Anatomy. Dr. J. W. Ogle will deliver Clinical Lectures

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Dr. Corner, the Medical Officer of Health of Mile End, referring to

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ordered to take ten grains of bromide of potassium and five minims of

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titles and dates of the papers in question, and the periodicals in which

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Mr. W. D. HusbEjnd, York ; Our Dublin Correspondent ; Mr. J. M. Brj-an, jun.,

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tral board whose certificate will be made incumbent upon all ; it only

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the profession of medicine as from intending members of the scholastic,

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woman McGregor was a nuree, gave her a severe reprimand, observing

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If the sympathy of the shoulder with the liver in its diseases consist

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suffering from the ordinary chest-symptoms of pulmonary phthisis, and

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I think, on weighing the advantages and disadvantages of such a course,

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modes of attack is by shooting vitriol, ammonia, and "black poison" at

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ing in our lot with the Association : it may be that there exists among

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right shoulder, and right side of the neck." The same testimony may be seen at

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The Second Examination, at the termination of Medical Studies, in-

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It is probable that a portion of the poison may pass off by the bowels,

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the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. — W. Cunliffe Brooks, Esq., M.P.,

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tions, the German soldiers were treated by German medical men.

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[.Applause] ; so that the medical licentiate is placed on the same plat-

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should be treated and cured, and then time should be given to Nature

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into disrepute, and distrust of sanitary operations was diffused owing

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Pupils' Appointments. — All these appointments are given according

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A specimen of Cancer of the Omentum, remarkable for the density

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jured. There was great muscular development of the calf. I ampu-

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be a greater objection to the straight cephalotribe ; because the blades

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large. He mentioned a case at the Great Northern Hospital, in which

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terests of the Branch at its annual election of officers to substitute for

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ARY LAST: and it is a matter of essential importance to the working

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flaps and circular division of the muscles. No blood was lost ; and,

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slept until 2.30. From this time until 2.30 a.m. Jan. 31st, the doses of

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been so beautifully shown by Dr. B. W. Richardson. The difference

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Up to the beginning of this year, the in-patient department of this In-

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has thrown together the evidence collected by Maclean, Parkes, Ait-

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become the humanity of this country, which in such a case re-

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cession, it would be not only a more convenient, but a more humane

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may require. The chief improvements made in the pelvic band are as

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is the subject of an instructive report by Dr. Robert Prior of Bedford.

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never aborted. She had had bad health, and suffered from abdominal

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■wounded are most rigorously kept apart; the wounded on the lower,