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Society the history of the events of his illness, further than what is

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he never bathes from one year's end to another. Para-

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tion is how are we to treat fully developed rabies?

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named cynanche laryngea ; and the celebrated Blaoe, late

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sides as the breasts become softer when suckling is fairly established, and is

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8. Treatment of Sciatica by Perineural Infiltrations and Epi-

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cle to the free escape of air, and the muscles involved in the acts of coughing

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them the sole Medical Officers of Health of their respective

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cases, as having been seen in the Johns Hopkins Dispensary,

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or the faecal contents confirmed a diagnosis of perfera-

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these facts I lay claim to neither originality nor to

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A Characteristic Sign of Typhoid Fever, S expectorated about twenty ounces of florid

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cleavage, appearances after gunshot wounds, deformation of projectiles ;

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and M. Henri Roger that of a lady who was seized with it at the age of

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degeneration." Another process by which a great variety of local lung

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fixed cells or movable corpuscles. Is intimately ad-

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On making pressure on this tumor, which was somewhat larger than

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1846-47. Why do I dwell upon these occurrences, and why have I

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came to Ids end by the blundering ol an eagle, which

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which alcohol is consumed in the blood. It is worthy of

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through quartzose rock, or in union with silver and copper ; usually

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The immediate reaction may be put to practical use in order to dis-

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While middle ear suppuration plays an important part in the etiology

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scrutinized by efficient light, and if eroded fully opened up, the granulation

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of cerebral abscess are very variable. These differences depend upon a

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Research into the construction of helmets has resulted

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always say that they fell forward. This patient states that she fell

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cause of some part of her difficulty, although the patient

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